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"Everything you need to maintain your website."
All prices are in USD

Web Hosting and Management Plan*
$ 400 / 6 months (most sites)

50 MB Storage with 5 GB Bandwidth per month on my US Server, Unlimited Updates (we charge for new pages), 10 Email Accounts, Secure Forms, Protected Folders, Domain Protection, Web Stats, and Personal Technical Assistance. We support Shockwave, Flash, JAVA Applets, XML, ASP, & MySQL Database. 

Complete Website Design
$ 750 to $ 1000

Hand-Coded Pages Optimized for Search Engines and Accessible to all. Cool Slideshows and Image Galleries, Drop Menus, Bilingual Pages, Full Size Image Popups and Detailed Links Page. Clean Architecture with centralized Image, Style and Script Folders. We speak HTML, CSS, PDF, JavaScript and Perl. 

A la Carte Web Hosting and Management Services

Just Host on my US Server(* included in Hosting Plan)

50 MB storage space with 5 GB bandwidth per month

$ 150 / 6 months

Just Management (* included in Hosting Plan)

unlimited updates on your server.

$ 300 / 6 months

Email POP3 Accounts (* 10 included in Hosting Plan)

WebMail, Forwarding, Catchall, Mail Groups, Aliases, & Autoresponders

$ 25 / year

Search Engine Optimization


Title Tags
The title tag should be unique to the page, using important keywords. It should be the first tag in the <head>.

Meta Descriptions
The meta description tag provides a summary of the content on the page in one paragraph.

Meta Keywords
The keyword tag provides web bots with guideposts to the page content. The important topics of each page should be represented in the <meta keyword> tag

Image Tags
Search engines look for ‘alt tags’ on the image. These should briefly describe the image.


Joomla Search Engine Friendly URLs Enabled
You should use ‘Search engine friendly (SEF), human-readable or clean URLs are URLs ‘, that make sense to both humans and search engines because they explain the path to the particular page they point to.

Images vs Text
Search engines do not ‘see’ images, only text. Images should not be used to convey important information to the reader or search engine..

Link Page’
Your site should have a page linking to other relevant websites. You should also make sure your webpages are linked to by other relevant websites. This enhances your standing with search engines and also helps your clients find good stuff related to your pages.

Limit SEO indexing of External Links
Search Engines try to follow links on a webpage. You want them to follow links to your internal pages (pages on your website), but you don’t want them to follow and pay attention to your links to external websites (pages on other people’s websites).

Paragraph Tags HTML Markup
It is important to use these tags to define important phrases and words. Like in an outline, main topics and categories are given more weight. You do that with html heading tags.

Anchor Text
Your internal links (links to pages on your website) should have a brief description.

Verify Website Ownership for Google
Verifying your website tells Google that you own your website. It provides a secure channel between your website and Google to exchange information.

Google Analytics ($ free)
Google Analytics lets you do more than measure sales and conversions. It also gives insights into how visitors find and use your site, and how to keep them coming back. This is very useful for choosing proper keywords and descriptions.

Google Adwords
‘Pay to Click’ Program thru Google Search Engine. Google displays an ad for your webpage whenever relevant keywords are searched. If client clicks your ad, they go to your website and you pay Google. You can pay as little as $50usd for a month.
This is very useful for choosing proper keywords and descriptions.

$ 500 first month, $100 second and third month

A la Carte Web Design Services

New Page Design

Hand-Coded pages optimized for Search Engines and accessible to all.

$ 300 Home

$ 150 Child

Bilingual Language Setup

(you provide translation) - set up a mirror site in Spanish

$ 150 to $ 300

Tune Up

Validate all page code (html, css and js), internal and external links and image check

$ 250 to $ 500

Optimization (included in New Page Design)

Increase search engine and directory exposure with full Meta, image, link and appropriate keywords & descriptions on each page

$ 250 to $ 500

Google AdWords Set Up

Development of Keywords, Title and Ad Body plus first month's fee

$ 150

Digital Projects

Put sound or video on your website.

$ 25 / hour

Other A la Carte Web Services

Domain Name Registration and Protection (* included in Hosting Plan)

Let me safeguard against squatters with my auto-renewal and protect DNS against rustlers with domain lock. I pay the yearly registration fee.

$ 50 / year

Computer Debugging

As much time as it takes to correct the software problem and make your computer run faster with fewer crashes

$ 50 / incident

Security Check

Analyze, Update and Fine Tune your Virus, Firewall, Adware, Spyware and Spam Protection

$ 50 / incident

Inkjet Cartridge Refills

(works best on fresh empties)

$ 5 for black

$ 10 for color

Internet Projects

THE INTERNET has significantly affected business and communications. Everyone has unheard of access to information. We can help promote your business, find a market for your product or even find a buyer for your business

Evaluated on an individual basis

! Merchant Account Services and Shopping Carts available !

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Puerto Aventuras on the Riviera Maya, Mexico's Sunny Caribbean Coast
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Designed and Hosted by Caribbean Sol NetAll about the cool stuff you find in Puerto Aventuras and the Riviera Maya, Mexico's Caribbean Coast- Activities like sportfishing trolling and bottom-fishing for marlin, sailfish and dorado; scuba open water and cenote cave diving and instruction; snorkeling and swimming in tropical aquarium like caletas; parasailing from our boats over the riviera maya; snuba and helmet diving over shallow reefs; catamaran sailing to beautiful hidden bays with secluded beaches; horseback riding in the jungle; private tours traveling to exotic Mayan ruins. Full service catering and banquets in your home or business; professional web services, design and hosting; oceanfront vacation villas for rent by the day or week; interior design and custom artwork using local mayan and mexican styles; underwater photography and instruction in cenotes, caves and the classroom; private spa, diet and exercise programs. Investment opportunities, businesses and real estate for sale. Humanitarian Efforts,patas animal welfare and sian ka'an biosphere preservation.